Why Choose Electric Water Heaters Over Traditional Gas Water Heaters?

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Water heaters are one of the greatest inventions we have in the modern home. There is nothing like a nice warm shower or bath. But to improve this invention, even more, you can switch to an electric water heater. Electricity is much safer than traditional gas water heaters. It also offers longer life and greater efficiency.


Whenever you are removing gas from your home you are always making it safer. With a natural gas or propane water heater, you have a chance of explosion or fire. Either of these situations can leave you with significant damage to your home

Longer Life Span

Electrical water heaters last longer than gas water heaters. This is because electrical water heaters have fewer parts, meaning they do not need to be replaced as often and do not come into contact with direct heat as much as gas water heaters do. Having your water heater last 4 years longer is a great benefit for anyone’s wallet.

Greater Efficiency

When it comes to electrical, it usually means it is more efficient. While the cost of running an electrical heater may be the same as a gas water heater, the costs are recovered over the life of the heater because of the lower repair and installation costs as well the longer life span. Electrical water heaters also have an energy factor of 0.95. This means that there is less energy wasted when heating your water, making it much better for the environment. And, because it is electric you can put it on a timer and stop it from running when it is not needed.