Outdoor Lighting Installation

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Elextric Electricians are experts in the installation, repair and maintenance of outdoor lighting systems. From the installation of security lights to making sure that your outdoor lighting design comes to life our friendly and knowledgeable electricians are on hand to help you with all of your outdoor or garden lighting needs.

With space in London at a premium, for many, outside space may be a balcony, terrace or roof garden. That doesn’t mean that it cannot be improved through smart use of lighting though.

For small balconies, adding pretty lamp fixtures, or LED coloured lanterns can hugely improve the look and feel of your outside space.

For larger terraces, the implementation of downlighters or spotlights on planters and benches gives atmosphere and can allow you to create a space that is both enticing and usable.  

Adding outdoor lighting to your London garden

Increasingly our gardens are becoming extensions of our homes, and homeowners are looking to make the most of the garden lighting with intelligent lighting designs which give your garden that additional wow factor.

Installation of outdoor lights can mean that you get to enjoy your garden well into the evening on warm summer nights and combined with clever designs can make your garden somewhere you can use and enjoy all year round. 

Modern garden design is constantly evolving, and more and more people are adding exciting ambient lighting, for example by adding LED coloured lighting to areas such as planters, or by adding spotlight up lighters to patio areas. There are a wide range of lighting solutions available that can add atmosphere to your outdoor areas.

Wall lights in your garden can offer the opportunity to ‘zone’ your garden, effectively allowing you to use sections of your garden for dining, entertaining or of course to get garden work done while daylight dims.