Replace light switches & plug sockets in London

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It’s likely that at some point, you will wish to change switches or sockets within your home.

Whether relocating a light switch which has become difficult to access or adding new sockets to cope with modern life, our friendly and experienced electricians will work with you to understand exactly what you require and carry out the work in the safest and most efficient way possible. 

Sockets replacement London

Plug sockets in your home can become damaged or broken for a wide range of reasons. Generally located low down on the walls, sockets can suffer wear and tear if in everyday use. However, a cracked or damaged socket is a hazard and should be replaced as quickly as possible to ensure you and your family’s safety.

 In some instances, your plug sockets may become unusable for other reasons such as blockages within the socket, or the pins from plugs sitting loosely within your plug fitting. In these instances, the interior of the socket may be damaged and will require replacement. 
In cases where you can smell a burning smell, or see black marks around your sockets, get in touch with an electrician immediately. 

Socket Repair
In most cases, sockets will require replacement as opposed to repair. The reason for this is that the internal components of a plug socket do not come with replacement parts, and therefore a new socket is usually required.

However, there are some instances where sockets can be repaired, such as when the socket has become loose fitting or is too tight for your plugs to fit in. In cases where there is a blockage in your socket, the blockage may be able to be removed.

When plug sockets don’t work at all, it’s generally the case that the issue lies, not in the socket itself, but within the wiring behind the socket – which may have just become dislodged, or may be a sign of a wider issue.

Our expert London based electricians are trained to identify socket issues and quickly remedy them, ensuring that we offer the most cost-effective and speedy solution for you.

Installing new sockets in your London home
Adding extra sockets within your house or flat can make your home both safer, and also more functional. Modern homes are now equipped with more technology than ever as we all have more devices such as TV’s, gaming consoles, laptops, digital TV boxes and more. Using extension plugs to give power supply to such devices can be dangerous as this can overload your system, and is also unsightly, leading to a number of jumbled wires sitting behind or next to your TV console.

Installing additional sockets will give your home the functionality that you need, and, if required can be chased directly into a wall, leaving a neat look. You can even reduce the need for yet more sockets by adding sockets with USB sockets attached, reducing the need to plug in charges for items such as phones, kindles and other devices.

Adding extra sockets may also be necessary for your kitchen. Many older homes were designed when we used fewer kitchen appliances than we do today, so you may find that you are constantly having to unplug things like your toaster or kettle to make way for electric mixing bowls or even your microwave.

It’s simple and easy for an electrician to install new electric sockets to your home, and our friendly, expert electricians will work with you to ensure that the job is done with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Get in contact with us today to get a quote for socket installation in your London house or flat.

Move a socket or switch in London
Many of us will need to move a plug socket or light switch at some time. This may be due to wanting to re-arrange the location of your furniture, or because you are undertaking an extension or other building work which makes the existing location of your switches and sockets no longer suitable for your new layout.

If you need a socket or switch moved in your home, Elextric Electricians are here to help. Our fully accredited electricians will swiftly and safely work to move one or several sockets and switches, always ensuring that we respect your home.