BOOK ONLINE 020 3286 8525 CONTACT US New tougher electrical safety standards to protect private tenants  Recommended new safety measures to better protect private tenants by reducing the risk of electric shocks or fires caused by electrical faults were published for consultation today (17 February 2018) by Housing Minister Heather Wheeler. Five yearly mandatory electrical installation safety [...] Read more
BOOK ONLINE 020 3286 8525 CONTACT US THE BENEFITS OF INSTALLING LED LIGHTING OVER CONVENTIONAL BULBS EXPLAINED LED’s (light emitting diodes) are becoming an increasingly popular option for owners of commercial and industrial properties as well as homeowners and landlords when it comes to their preferred lighting solution. Along with savings on energy costs, LED’s offer [...] Read more
BOOK ONLINE 020 3286 8525 CONTACT US ELECTRICAL SAFETY TIPS FOR ADULTS AND THEIR CHILDREN As any parent knows, children of any age are naturally curious, with a normal eagerness to explore. This curiosity, however, can become a danger when it comes to electricity. With so many day to day electrical safety hazards that are [...] Read more
BOOK ONLINE 020 3286 8525 CONTACT US 10 WAYS TO SAVE ELECTRICITY IN YOUR HOME THIS WINTER Being efficient and start save electricity doesn’t have to require a big investment, making a few small changes to your everyday habits can make a big difference to the cost of your energy bill: Here are our top [...] Read more
BOOK ONLINE 020 3286 8525 CONTACT US   Approved Commercial Electrician For commercial premises that require the expertise of approved commercial electrician to resolve an electrical fault or to install a new fixture, it’s essential that they ascertain whether or not the electrical contractor is Stroma approved. A Stroma approved electrical contractor is capable of [...] Read more