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London electrical contractors are an essential part of any building maintenance service, and landlords are no exception to this rule – especially if they live far away from the property itself and are unfamiliar with any existing wiring systems or problems.

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London electrical contractors

Are an essential part of any building maintenance service, and landlords are no exception to this rule – especially if they live far away from the property itself and are unfamiliar with any existing wiring systems or problems. That’s why it’s important to hire the best London electrical contractors you can find and work with them on every single job, no matter how small it might seem at first glance. Here’s why this approach works so well…



Improving Your Patio Space

Make your home more attractive to tenants by upgrading some of your fixtures with new LED lights. These energy-efficient devices can last up to 50,000 hours, according to CBS News. That’s at least 20 years before you’ll need to change them again. And LED lights are attractive because they produce less heat than other bulbs, meaning you won’t have to worry about a tenant or visitors getting burned by an overheated fixture when it’s turned on.

You also don’t have to spend time and money installing dimmers that work with incandescent lighting; dimmable LEDs are available as well. You might even see property owners offer rent reductions if tenants upgrade their appliances to energy-efficient items, while simultaneously reducing their monthly utility bill! With all of these perks (plus others), LEDs simply make sense in any property that is being rented out.


Power Points

When considering electrical contractors in London, homeowners and business owners have a number of options. However, not all are created equal. If you’re looking to enlist a high-quality contractor who’s earned a reputation for excellence in your area, call in professional electricians from Elextric ltd. The company has been providing expert electrical solutions to homeowners and businesses throughout London since 2013.



Many landlords are unaware that it’s against building regulations to install electrical equipment in their properties without enlisting a licensed contractor. It doesn’t matter whether you have a simple light switch or an elaborate audio-visual installation – legally, only experienced electricians can carry out work on any part of a property’s electrical system. This means that if you need an electrician to take care of any aspect of your home or business, you should call Elextric Ltd. – London’s leading electrical contractors!


Smart home technology

For small landlords, large-scale home improvement projects can be daunting, but today’s electrical contractors are specialists in small and large jobs alike. With smart home technology, property owners can easily manage their homes remotely with a mobile app, allowing them to unlock doors if they left something behind or turn off lights when they aren’t at home. Smart locks are a great option for landlords who have properties that require frequent entry and exit, especially given how affordable some models are.

Make sure your landlord is comfortable with a new type of door lock before you install one though; not everyone is as tech-savvy as you might hope! Smart thermostats can also help reduce energy costs while reducing potential damage to your rental property from high heating bills or clogged radiators.


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London landlords often overlook electrical systems when considering maintenance issues in their properties. From faulty wiring to faulty appliances, however, many electrical faults can cause a lot of damage and serious danger to tenants. But with Elextric’s expert London electrical contractors on hand, landlords can rest easy knowing that their property will be safe and efficient all year round. The London market is one of the extremes, with a stark difference between homes on either side of The River Thames. But no matter which area you’re in, landlords need to be aware of electrical safety.

With Elextric Ltd, any new installation will meet all current regulations and ensure that your property is safe for tenants to live in. We also offer maintenance contracts, so once your home or business has been fitted with electrics by our qualified engineers (using materials sourced from reputable suppliers), we’ll keep it up-to-date with regular visits to guarantee that all works remain safe and effective year after year.

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