What is Included in an Electrical Insurance Inspection?

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If you are trying to get insurance for your home or business, your insurance broker will likely require an electrical inspection to be done. During an insurance inspection, a licensed electrician will come to your property and go through a lengthy checklist of items to ensure that the building’s electrical workings do not present a potential hazard. They will give this report to you to then hand off to your insurance company. At Elextric, we offer comprehensive electrical insurance inspection services throughout London. We can help do any work needed to improve your electrical system and lower your insurance premiums.

What Do Electrical Insurance Inspections Include?

Electrical inspections for insurance include a wide variety of items. Your electrician will go over a checklist and, at the end of the inspection, they will give your property an overall rating and recommendations for change. Some of the areas included in an electrical inspection include:

Qualification of Electrical System

The first part of an insurance inspection is to qualify the property’s electrical system. An electrician will look at the building’s service connection size and note the type of circuitry used, the kind of distribution panel, and more to ensure that everything is up to modern standards.

Overall Condition of Electrical System

Many of the points on an electrician’s insurance inspection checklist pertain to the overall condition of a building’s electrical connections and circuits. This includes ensuring that the grid connections are in proper condition and not in contact with tree branches or gutters, checking for signs of corrosion and ageing, and ensuring that everything is located in the right place and has not been tampered with.

Looking for Code Breaches

Electrical codes are essential for ensuring that electrical systems are kept up to date and do not pose a risk to people in and around them. A big part of an electrical insurance inspection includes looking at when the home or commercial building was constructed and whether or not the system is up to modern-day codes and electrical regulations.

Checking for Fire Hazards

Many key concerns could result in electrical fires. As electrical fires are one of the highest costs for insurance companies, much of the electrical insurance inspection will ensure that potential hazards are noted and dealt with.

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