Home Office Electrical Setup Tips

Whether you are starting your own business or your workplace allows you to work from home, having an optimized home office set-up can help to ensure that you remain productive and efficient. Setting up your own home office can be challenging without the right electrical outfit, so we at Elextric are happy to offer tips for some home office electrical setup. Once you have an idea of the best way to get your home office’s electrical systems arranged, it is important to know which tasks will need to be performed by a registered electrician, so make sure to call an electrician in your area.

Setting Up a Home Office’s Electrical Systems

Most modern offices require a fairly large number of electrical devices and systems to ensure efficiency. Some tips to consider when preparing your home office’s electrical setup include:

Provide Plenty of Electrical Outlets

Modern home offices typically include several electrical devices that require power sources. Computers, printers, phone chargers, fax machines, power backups, extra monitors, floor and desk lamps, extra monitors, and more are all ubiquitous to find in home offices, so make sure that you have plenty of sources of power throughout your office space. Even if you have an idea of how you want to set up your home office, you might find that your preferred layout changes for the sake of efficiency after a bit of time working in the office, so it is important to set up outlets throughout your home office so that you can move things around easily.

Install Power Strips and Surge Protectors

Having power strips installed throughout your home office can make it less likely that you will run out of outlets in areas where you plug in multiple devices. Surge protectors that are hardwired into your office can help to protect your sensitive electronics from power surges.

Consider Comfort

Setting up your home office to be comfortable can help boost your efficiency. It might be helpful to get your office on a separate heat system from the rest of your home, and there are many options for electric heating that offer an excellent degree of control.

Incorporate Hardwired Ethernet

Regardless of what industry you work in, having fast Internet can be essential. Using hardwired ethernet for your work computer can be more reliable and faster than WIFI, so consider having it hardwired into your office.

Elextric, your local London electrician can resolve the issue and ensure that the electrical wiring in your home is safe and compliant. What’s more, you can call on us for assistance with lighting design and installation for extensions, renovations and new builds. Keep our number 02032868525 at hand, so you can easily get in touch when you need us.

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Elextric is an approved member of TrustMark and Napit Approved Contractor (including Part P registered). Membership of the Napit means that we are required to maintain precise standards of electrical installation and records which are subject to annual scrutiny. We are also members of Trustpilot.com and have received some stellar reviews on Trustpilot  (over 100 reviews to date) and an average score of 4.9.  

We also run a full office administration and support system so that our CRB checked electricians can concentrate on their work. The office deals with the necessary paperwork which covers insurances, Health & Safety, electrical certification, DBS checks as well as all the other usual matters.

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