Tripping fuse box

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A tripped fuse box needn’t be a cause for concern

The fuse box is able to detect abnormal fluctuations in electrical current. A sudden change in flow can result in the electrical supply being shut off. This may seem a bit irritating, however, it is a protective measure. It could save you from an electrical shock or an electrical fire.

If you locate and open the fuse box, you should easily spot the main switch. When the current has been cut, this will be in the off position. Take a look at the other switches and see if any others are in the off position. This will help you identify where in your home the problem was caused.

For a one-off occurrence, you may simply be able to move the switches up to the on position to resolve the problem. No need for calling a domestic electrician.

What if the fuse box is tripping on a regular basis?

As a Domestic Electrician, I know that the main causes of a regularly tripping fuse box are:

  • A faulty electrical appliance
  • Overloaded plug sockets
  • Faulty wiring

Faulty Electrical Appliance

Do you find that the problem is triggered every time you plugin or switch on a particular appliance? If so, this is the likely cause. Replacing a kettle or iron may be the solution.

If you are unsure about the cause, head back to the fuse box and see which other switches are off. Go to the room affected and switch off all electrical items at the socket. Put the fuse box switches back to the on position. Now work around the room, switching on the items that you wish to use. Do any cut the electricity supply?

Overloaded Plug Sockets

Can you see that one plug socket is powering too many items? An extension lead charging multiple active devices from one socket could cause a surge of electricity. Spreading the load could resolve the issue.

If you are short on plug sockets, a domestic electrician can install additional ones at convenient points around your home.

Faulty Wiring

If you have a reoccurring issue and the main circuit breaker is the only switch that goes off, it usually suggests an earth fault in the fuse box wiring. This is the point when you need to call out a domestic electrician.

Ask your local electrician to undertake an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). This will cover a test of the circuits to diagnose the issue. They will check that the fuse box is safe to use, look at the general wear and tear and ensure that your circuits meet the IET wiring regulations. Minor issues can usually be resolved during that visit and they will provide you with a copy of the report.

If it no longer complies with current standards, your domestic electrician will need to replace the fuse box. This is non-negotiable, as the priority is your safety.

Call on your local Domestic Electrician

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