Why does a Business Need a Commercial Electrician?

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Almost every workplace is reliant on electricity. It powers the tools of your trade, enables inter-connectivity, help keeps your premises secure and contributes to a positive work environment. As a commercial electrician, I am called upon to keep companies compliant and fully operational.

Workplace Lighting Installation

Whether you are developing, refitting or improving a workspace, lighting is a crucial factor. It is ideal to make the most of natural light, yet additional lighting is required. A variety of light sources are ideal for helping employees to undertake all necessary tasks.

In some settings, including retail units and restaurants, a commercial electrician might install a wide range of lighting solutions to create the right ambience. Our electrical services can also be used for temporary exhibitions and events, where stands and displays require a safe and reliable electrical supply.

Electrical Safety

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to protect your employees and visitors. This means complying with Health and Safety regulations. A primary reason why companies call on a commercial electrician is to undertake electrical testing and inspecting.

Electrical testing and inspecting ensure that every electrical item is operating as it should. Commercial electricians work to regulated standards throughout the inspection and can diagnose problems and make repairs, if necessary.

Electrical inspections ensure that fire escape lighting and alarms are fully operational and that the risk of an electrical fire is minimised. In this way, annual testing can be a life-saver.

Protecting the Workplace with Security Systems

From security lighting and CCTV camera installation, to access control devices, a commercial electrician has the tools and knowledge to make your premises more secure.

Keeping Machinery Operational

Unintended downtime is costly to any business owner. Your local commercial electrician can help to reduce the risks and also be on hand should a problem occur. If you need a reliable, local electrician, London based Elextric provides a timely response to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Simple Office Upgrades

Sometimes an employer will call on a commercial electrician for a relatively small job. The recruitment of new staff might require additional sockets or chargers to be installed. This is certainly safer than overloading the existing sockets with multiple extension leads.

Experienced Commercial Electrician London

No matter what your industry or requirements, if you need a local Commercial Electrician, London based Elextric are on hand to provide the solution. Contact us today.