WineMaster WINE C25X Conditioning Unit

The WineMaster C25X utilizes the newest refrigerant in its system, as denoted by the X in its name.
Our WineMaster C25 wine conditioner has long been admired by our clients for its ability to suit any kind of enclosed room. As part of the embedded range, it is fixed on the wall, crafted with advanced materials, a resourceeffective system, and a quick installation. Designed specifically for cellars of up to 25m­³, it is an elite pick. There are two variations available; the C25S which gives cooling and heating functions, and the WineMaster C25SR, which has the same characteristics and anti–frost protection for the compressor.


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WineMaster C25 – Standard Unit

The WineMaster C25 has been designed with both style and function in mind. This cutting-edge wine preservation system creates the perfect climate for storing bottles without compromising on energy savings or noise levels. When you’re looking for a sleek way to store your favourite wines, this C25 cubic meter capacity unit is the answer! In addition to being soundless and easy to install in even the smallest of spaces, it can also maintain an optimal wine storage temperature throughout every season – all without requiring manual input from you. It’s never a question of whether your prized vintage is stored at the correct temperature with advanced wine cooling systems!

The features and benefits of the WineMaster C25 Wine Conditioning Unit include:

  • Reduced energy costs with an energy-saving motor compressor
  • 2 adjustable speeds controlled by the thermostat
  • 90% electrical efficiency with a brush-less engine
  • Rubber shock absorbers for quiet operating (At 1m to 3m expect 45dB to 40dB)
  • Eco-friendly with no CFCs
  • Electronic thermostat with easy-to-read digital display
  • Cold production can be manually stopped with a standby mode
  • Easy installation with a wooden frame supplied as standard
  • Low and easy maintenance will a single dust filter requiring cleaning and replacement annually

WineMaster C25 Specification: 

  • Power supply: 5 Amp – supplied with prewired UK plug
  • Cooling volume: up to 25m³**
  • Overall dimensions: H.380 x W.540 x D.524 mm
  • Wooden frame dimensions: H.374 x W.514 x D.150
  • Weight: 31 kg
  • Cooling capacity: 550 W at 15°C **
  • Electrical power rating: 400 W
  • Sound level (at 1 m and 3 m): 45 dB / 40 dB
  • Cellar airflow rate (cold side): 96 to 198 m³/h
  • Outside airflow rate (hot side): 179 m³/h
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Temperature regulation: Preset to 13 °C adjustable between 11 and 16 °C**
  • Maximum operation temperature:  35°C**
  • Heating: NO (Available in C25S & C25SR)
  • Antifrost-Heating Built: NO (Available in C25SR)

** Proper insulation tailored to the cellar’s size will help lower the amount of energy consumed when operating temperatures are moderate. However, should the temperature reach 35 °C, the device may struggle to maintain a cellar temperature of 12 °C.

At Electric Ltd, we specialize in providing both electrical and refrigeration installations, with our certified and licensed engineers ensuring each component is in accordance with the necessary technical and safety regulations. We strive to make your experience with us hassle-free, serving as your one-stop contact for any issues.

If you need any help with your wine cellar installation, we’re more than willing to provide our services. Our expert assistance covers product selection, insulation guidance, unit placement, and electrical advice – contact us via the enquiry form or call 020 3286 8525.

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Handy Tips 
Greetings, thank you for taking the time to view this section. I’m Michel, the Managing Director and Lead Engineers at Elextric Ltd, and I have chosen to share my expertise with architects, contractors, and the self-proclaimed wine connoisseurs out there. My knowledge comes from a number of years of managing environment control management projects, one of which was centred around wine storage.
For your convenience, I have put together this checklist, acquired from prior assignments and accumulated years of experience, to assist in your pursuit of a flawlessly designed wine storage system.

– Sealed environment: When describing the importance of cellar insulation to my clients, I often use the term sealed environment. Same as a cold room or a fridge, creating a fully-enclosed area with insulated walls, ceiling, floor, and door will construct a tightly-sealed environment. I recommend using XPS insulation materials for this task.

– Wine Racking: I would recommend the racking per hole, as it allows the entire bottle to reach the ideal temperature and promotes air circulation within the cellar. Ultimately, however, the decision is up to the client.

– Unit location:  The Winemaster is reliant upon air circulation for its function, and thus it is highly advised to locate the unit as centrally as possible.

– Water drainage: When planning for the draining of condensation water, one should keep in mind that water always follows the laws of gravity. If the pipe length is too long, a condensation pump may be used as a viable solution.

– Operation temperature: This is related to the hot side of the unit (The compressor side) where the heat exchange is happening. For example, if the heat exchange happens within a plant room or utility room and the ambient temperature exceeds 30°c, an MHRV Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation system must be used.

Planning ahead is key to determining which wine conditioning unit to install. Then, design your cellar around the unit to ensure that both the electrical connection and the unit are within easy access.

I will update this section regularly based on my interactions with customers. If you have any queries or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the enquiry form.

Wine Master C25 Manual 

When purchasing Wine Master units from Elextric Ltd, you can benefit from a product warranty, outstanding customer service, and a single point of contact for any enquiries. View/download the Wine Master C25 manual Here

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