Electrical and Refrigeration Rates

At Elextric, we implement a transparent pricing policy that ensures you will never pay more than what you’re quoted except if additional repair is required. Our prices are quoted upfront, and we charge by the hour, but this doesn’t mean time will be wasted to inflate your bill.

Our services are backed by a warranty that ensures you can always call us back for revision in case anything goes wrong. If you have a special project, you want us to carry out, waste no time in getting in touch with us on 020 3286 8525.

A transparent pricing policy

No hidden charges apply, and you will be informed upfront about the full cost before commencing repair. With this, you never have to spend beyond your budget, and you have the right to decline if you won’t be able to afford the fees.

We offer quotes online to get yourself acquainted with what we charge on every project. However, if you need information about a particular project, fill our online form or email us at info@elextric.co.uk, and we will get back to you with details about your project.

Electrical Safety Certificate Price Guide

The cost of getting an electrical safety certificate depends on several factors which include the size of your building as well as materials used. Elextric charges a minimum of £190 for a single bedroom flat with seven circuits while two-bedroom flats with the same number of circuits are charged £250. Our charges increase as the number of circuits goes up. The difference is usually £10 for every extra circuit added.

Our charges are higher when working on three and four-bedroom flats. It costs an average of £290 to inspect 3 bedroom flats with seven circuits and £310 for four-bedroom flats with nine circuits.

24 Hour Service

We offer 24-hour services, but our rate depends on what the clock says. Our hourly rate during official hours like 9 am-5 pm is friendly but you will be charged higher for repairs carried out from 5 pm towards the night.

Pricing Model

We charge per hour, and this includes the number of electricians needed for the project. We rarely reject tasks, but there are times we’re bound to decline if we fail to meet an agreement with the client. It’s the responsibility of the Client to choose the most suitable time for the job to be done due to their schedule.

Clients do not necessarily have to be around during the task, but we do not decline if they decide to. Our hourly billing is made at intervals, and our rate is a minimum of £80 per hour for electrical work and £180 per visit for refrigeration visit (Wine Cellars, Cold Rooms and Bespoke Fridges) 

Fixed Prices

We can offer fixed prices on any electrical and refrigeration work, but the price may be subject to revisions if additional materials or repair needs to be done. Our prices are also revised if any error is detected, but this rarely happens.

We charge per hour, and if work commences before our quotation is approved, the charges will be added to the final cost. Our rates are competitive.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that electrical appliances can malfunction at any time. This is why we’ve made ourselves available during the day and at night to ensure our clients never run out of ideas.

No job is too small for us, you can call us even in minor cases like a socket or switch repair. While most homeowners can handle this, you can call us on 020 3286 8525 to help out if you’re feeling less confident.