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When it comes to Interior Lighting Design and Installation: Optimising natural light is the ideal way to enhance your interior, but as a domestic electrician, let me inform you the lighting trends for when the sun goes down.

Great lighting design has an immediate impact on the ambience of your home. Get it right, and the interior colours are enhanced, and a stylish, welcoming feeling is created. What’s more, you’ll have sufficient light to undertake daily tasks, without the interior being overly bright and stark.

As a domestic electrician, London homeowners benefit from my lighting design and installation services. As such, I need to keep pace with the latest trends.

Layered Interior Lighting Installation

Whether your home is inspired by Nordic retreats, botanical or retro geometry, the common theme is layering. Multiple layers add depth and texture to an interior, and the same applies to lighting. You require more than a single central bulb to bring a room to life.

Lighting installation should include general illumination to ensure the space feels warm and light. The next layer should offer more specific task lighting in areas where you need to work. This could be under cupboard lighting, which highlights kitchen work surfaces and pendant lights above a desk or breakfast bar.

There should also be the option to tone down the lighting to create a cosy, intimate interior. Table or standing lamps might offer this low lighting, but wall-mounted light sculptures are bang on-trend.

As a domestic electrician, I take time to understand how the interior space is used and how to achieve these layers when undertaking lighting design and installation.

Horizontal Lighting Installation

One of the major shifts in lighting design is the move towards horizontal fittings. Whether ceiling or wall-mounted, the fitting spreads out adding bright or subtle light to a broad area.

Horizontal lighting takes on a sculptural element, replacing the need for pictures on the walls, as it becomes an eye-catching centrepiece in its own right. Light tubes have certainly made a comeback, but rather than stark strip lighting; they have been incorporated into stylish designs with strong aesthetic appeal.

If your home is currently devoid of wall fittings, but you would love to embrace this trend, contact your local domestic electrician to discuss lighting installation.

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