electrical inspection in Islington

Electrical Inspection in Islington

Detailed EICR Electrical Report With Images

Looking for electrical inspection in Islington? Whatever electrical certification requirements your home or business has, we’re here to help every step of the way. We have been established for over 10 years, and we have a vast array of clients to prove it. All of our engineers are time-served and fully qualified with a City & Guilds qualification in inspection and testing. We always get the job done properly.

Periodic electrical testing, otherwise known as domestic EICR testing or an Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR), is a comprehensive inspection of your home’s electrical systems and installation. At Elextric, our specialist periodic testing team can conduct these tests as part of our full range of domestic electrical solutions.

Unlike businesses and landlords, homeowners are required to conduct a periodic electrical test, although it is often required as part of the buying, selling or renting. It’s also good practice to regularly check the safety of your home’s electrics, similar to how you would service a boiler or a car.

EICR Electrical Inspection in Islington

Islington Homebuyer Report:

When buying a property, We advise you to have a fixed installation test carried out before you complete the purchase of that property. This ensures that you know exactly what state the current electrics are in, and will forewarn you if future work needs to be carried out.

It will also prevent anyone from getting hurt in the event of an unsafe electrical installation. We carry out tests for homebuyers across Islington for our valued private customers and our prestigious property managers.

Electrical inspection in Islington for landlords:

Landlords should look to obtain a new Test and Inspection Certificate every five years, or with every change of tenant.

We provide thorough landlord inspections to make sure your property is safe and fully prepared for tenants.

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Importance of electrical inspection in Islington: While electrical systems must work well, they should never put you or others at risk. While electrical faults cause some dangerous situations, they may also arise in older properties, where the electrics haven’t been upgraded in years. Electrical systems in newer homes should comply with advanced safety regulations, including preventative measures in place to stop hazards such as fires or electric shocks occurring.

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How Often Should I Test My Electrics?

Like anything, electrical installations in the home are subject to deterioration, ageing and general wear and tear. This is why electrical tests should be conducted on a regular basis. British Standard BS 7671 (IET Wiring Regulations) advises that homeowners, landlords and businesses test at the following intervals:

What Does Electrical Testing Involve?

A periodic electrical test will check if your home’s electrical installations have any faults that are unidentifiable with a simple visual check. A number of faults could occur, such as electrical circuits overheating or becoming overloaded during use. If an electrical circuit is not installed properly – for example, without bonding or earthing to secure the electrics safely – it could potentially lead to a fire or shock hazard. Periodic testing will pinpoint any defective electrical work in your home’s system.  

A trained electrician can also carry out a visual check of your property, providing you with a quick analysis of how safe it is. A visual check will look for damaged light switches and sockets, broken cables and scorch marks that result from the overloading of the power outlet. It will also inspect the residual current device (RCD) for the circuits that operate gardens and bathrooms. These visual checks should be carried out at regular intervals between the more thorough periodic inspections.

Once the test is completed, you’ll be given a certificate by your testing engineer. This is commonly called an Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR). The report will outline any deterioration, damage, defects or other dangerous aspects of your electrical system, plus anything that isn’t aligned with current safety standards or could place people at risk.

If a periodic test comes back negative, the EICR will be recorded as “unsatisfactory”, indicating that work is required immediately to remove the risk to anyone who is living or working in the property.  The report will also show which electrical system(s) failed the periodic test. Any required work is classified using specific codes:

Here at Elextric, we conduct a full electrical inspection in Islington of your system and producing an EICR for your records. We work with homeowners, commercial properties, letting agents and landlords, ensuring electrics are safe, reliable and compliant.

Upon inspection, If we identify any faults in your system or parts in need of an upgrade, we’ll let you know and provide a free, same-day estimate for additional work required. This could be something as simple as extra sockets if you rely on extension leads or a consumer unit upgrade.

All of our electrical services comply with Building Regulations Part P and BS7671 standards.

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